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Professional Flatbed Towing Services in Cambridge

Towing Leader Provides 24h Flatbed Towing Solutions

Flatbed towing is, in most cases, the most effective, safe way to tow. There are also times when flatbed towing is the only possible method of towing, for instance when towing a vehicle which was badly damaged in a car crash, or one with a broken axel. Also, motorcycles can only be towed flatbed.

As a local company, we at Towing Leader know how important it is to offer Cambridge’s motoring community top class flatbed towing services. We aim for full customer satisfaction on each and every job we undertake and in order to achieve this we have become super fast, highly reliable and extremely professional. We also offer practically impossible to beat rates.

For more info on our flatbed towing services in Cambridge call (226) 314-1653

Highly Professional
With flatbed towing, as with all types of towing, professionalism is key. There are tremendous forces exerted during auto towing operations, it is essential that things be handled expertly in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the job gets done with no mishaps, which may very well be severe ones such as bodily injury or even death. The towed vehicle may also suffer damage if the tow is not handled properly. At Towing Leader we hire only the most professional tow techs, our techs are all fully certified, experienced and highly motivated. We like being able to help people out of sticky, motoring related situations. Our flatbed tow trucks are state of the art and meticulously maintained, we have all that it takes in order to provide you with the type of flatbed towing service you deserve.

Nonstop Availability , Fast Response Time
Towing Leader is a nonstop operation. We are a local, Cambridge based, towing and roadside services provider and as such are committed to offering Cambridge’s motoring community top class, comprehensive solutions to all types of towing and roadside assistance needs, flatbed towing is naturally among the services we are called upon to perform on a daily basis. In fact, most of the towing jobs we undertake are handled using flatbed tow trucks. We are a nonstop operation, we are always available for immediate response, 24/7, all year round.

Being a local company, we know our way around Cambridge and guarantee fast arrival to any location within the local area.

100% Reliable, Competitively Priced
If you need a flatbed towing service and if you are anywhere in or around Cambridge, just call on us at Towing Leader to provide you with it. We always deliver on what we promise. We offer top class flatbed towing services for highly competitive rates.

Whichever type of vehicle you need towed and whatever the circumstances, you can always count on us at Towing Leader to be there for you and carry out the tow you need in the best manner possible, getting the whole job done even faster than you could hope for. To top all of this off we charge minimal rates, our prices are practically impossible to beat.

For our 24h flatbed towing services in Cambridge call (226) 314-1653

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